Welcome to the home page for North Texas Wood Works. I am the owner, operator, designer, sawdust maker and everything else including janitor of this little specialty woodworking business. After a career in the business world, I am now following a passion to create works in and of wood. My goal is to deliver to you, my customer, projects that are done right, meeting (hopefully exceeding) your quality expectations while offering budget friendly pricing.

A Quick Look at North Texas Wood Works Products
I seem to be much faster making sawdust than I am playing webmaster. So, to give you a quick look at what I produce, I have assembled a page with multiple photo galleries separated into general item topics. (Click HERE to see the galleries.)

I design and build tables for kitchens and dining rooms, bookshelves, cabinets and several other furniture items. When you cannot find the right shape or style item at your regular retail store, let me work with you to create something that is just right for your needs.

Or, if you have found a great piece at the specialty store, but the price is a little too great, let me see if I can fill the need and stay within your budget.

Signs, plaques and general decor
I also carve images and text in wood to create signs for your business, decor for your home, and gifts for your friends and family. I have a few examples posted here for you to see. Plus the bottom of that page has a large searchable catalog of carving images.

Let me help you congratulate that new graduate, honor (or roast) that big milestone birthday, or create a unique wall or desk piece with a special image, verse or quotation.

CNC Routing
I own a Computer Numerical Control router system and can cut and carve special shapes and designs for individuals and for businesses. With this automation, orders can be for an individual or for many repetitive items. Examples of past work include things as different as guitar bodies and risers for a stairway. Make sure you look at the guitar gallery on the CNC Routing page .... there's something really cool there!

Maybe you want to dress up the door to a wine cabinet, or feature a decorative image in one or more kitchen or office cabinet doors, carve a scene into a mantel (see an example here) ... there are lots of cool things that can be done.

Do you have a woodworking business and need to farm out a tedious, time consuming task. Let's talk and see if my CNC system can help you be more effective by freeing up your equipment and staff for other more productive activities.
Thanks for stopping by www.NTXWW.com
Do take a moment to look through my website to see examples of my work. Maybe you will want to order a plaque similar to those featured inside. Contact me and let's create something new and unique just for you.     (PS: Check out the sawdust scratchpad for New Ideas that are in the works.)

Bert Rabbe
(That reminds me of one final item: my last name ... it sounds like "Robbie")