Signs, Plaques & decor:
Just think of all the places you could use a carved wooden sign or plaque: celebrate a wedding or a new baby, recognize (or roast) that big birthday. Congratulate the school graduate or that new promotion. Maybe a gift for Mom or Dad. How about a great inspirational quote or verse for a desk or the wall. Add some great Texas signage and symbols to your favorite space. Or highlight the coffee bar, ice cream bar, soda bar or that bar for the harder stuff!

If you have an idea for a plaque or sign, let me hear about it so I can find or create a good graphic and make that idea come alive.
Bert Rabbe

News Flash:
Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the new ranch sign. It started with a small jpeg image that is used in the logo for and was turned into a 30" high x 70" wide carved oak sign. Pictures just don't do it justice, but maybe you'll get a hint of what is possible.

I have a few standard plaques listed below followed by a gallery of other samples and ideas just to spark your creativity.

News Flash #2:
Be sure to check out the more recent photos in the Quick Look Gallery. (Click HERE to see.)

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Any High School, College or University

Send to a graduate or to an incoming Freshman

Send to a graduate or to an incoming Freshman

Perfect gift and keepsake for the new parents and grandparents

Recognize a birthday, promotion, or any special occasion
CNC Gallery

50th Birthday greeting carved in a maple cutting board
Welcome sign for the Italian Bistro in Roanoke, TX
PS: It's a wonderful restaurant!

Momma's not cooking tonight!
30" x 70" sign for the Dos Hermanos Ranch carved in a large oak panel. (FYI, Dos Hermanos = Two Brothers)

The following image gallery shows some of the carving options available to customize your project